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About the Owner

Modern marine electronics systems have come a long way. Their ease of use and reliability are simply awesome. It is also critical to keep in mind that these systems need to be properly installed for the owner to get the maximum benefit expected.

Meet George Schivley. George has been the Owner of South Shore Marine electronics for 25+ years. First and foremost, George takes on each project like the vessel he is working on is his own. According to George, in the marine electronics world, there is a right way and a wrong way and little gray area. He brings this mindset to each and every opportunity he is afforded by his clients.


The installation of new electronics is an important process. From initial consultation with a client where George learns whats important to that individual to learning how the vessel will be used, to the selection of the gear, planning the custom installation and importantly, orientation with the operator of the vessel, South Shore Marine Electronics leaves little to chance insuring that your new suite of gear functions well and that you know how to use it. This is critical!

George feels that making the right choice in gear is basic to having a great suite of nav/entertainment gear on the boat. This is why Georges philosophy is not to employ the same brand of gear so that all the displays look similar. No way. Rather, purchase the best of what each individual manufacturer makes and then integrate it all together. This way the owner has the benefit of a fully integrated system with the best that a particular manufacturer makes!

Certifications are also important. George is Certified by The National Marine Electronics Association as a Marine Electronics Installer. He also holds certification from the NMEA in NMEA2000 data networks and how to properly install them. Additional certifications by Garmin and KVH are also held.

These certifications are important to the prospective owner as they will enhance your warranty coverage on your new investment. Without a Certified Installation, companies like Garmin and Raymarine will dramatically reduce their warranty to the end user.

Bottom line is simply this; A box of marine electronics gear can be procured from virtually anywhere. The technical expertise and care to properly install that investment cannot. Choose wisely! Choose South Shore Marine Electronics LLC!

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